Are you based in Cambridgeshire and have experience of mental health distress? If so, we’d love to support you in your creative endeavours and welcome you to our community.

We have an open-door policy for newcomers, which means that you can come along any time, try out our Socials and meet our team without having to commit to anything.

If you do decide to join us, which we would very much love, you will need to fill in the membership form and complete a member support agreement in the event that you need medical help or a little extra support while attending one of our Socials.

Please note all of your information will be handled in the strictest confidence and will not be shared with anyone else without your permission. Please see our privacy policy for further information.

What our members have to say

“I feel safe here. I know that if I have a fit I won’t be judged.”

“I like the rapport between those leading the workshops and those participating; you don’t feel like it is a teacher-pupil attitude but equal, which isn’t the case at similar organisations”

“I love the Make, Do and Mend gardening group, just all of us coming together and creating
beautiful things. It helps me feel motivated too, even to get up in the morning!! It’s therapeutic for my mood; even on a bad day I still want to come. I really enjoy gardening and I always feel better for it. I don’t know what I would do without this amazing group.”

Become a member

Download the form to become a member.