Online Zoom Socials

We help our members to stay connected, build on skills, have fun and meet new people by offering a variety of free, fun, creative and supportive Socials on Zoom, all from the comfort of your own home.

Dates and times of these are on our monthly calendars which are free to download on our home page.

If you would like to join in or have any questions, please feel free to contact us.

Below are the online Socials we are currently running…

Social Group

Make, Do and Mend’s Social for everyone… Come along, grab a cuppa and have a chat.

A chance to unwind, relax and talk about your week, share interests, or just sit back enjoy and listen in.

Meeting weekly on Zoom.

Arts & Crafts Social

Take some time out to relax and enjoy arts & crafts within a small group.

Create and chat…

Bring your own art or craft along with you whether it’s simply a colouring book or even a crochet scarf… Its entirely up to you.

Meeting weekly on Zoom.

Creative Writing

This is a gentle introduction to creative writing within a small friendly group.

No experience necessary, just the curiosity to discover your hidden writing talents.

Get to know each other, discuss a different topic each session, do some simple writing exercises and share what you write with the group if you wish.

Meeting weekly on Zoom.


This will be a chance to explore together through short, guided meditation and discussion on how to reduce stress by living more in the present.

Some of the techniques which are covered are breathing exercises, sensory exercrises and mindful movement.

We have been running this Social on Zoom and face-to-face. For details and times, please check out our monthly calendar on our homepage.

WhatsApp Groups

We also have a number of popular WhatsApp groups available for members to chat, discuss interests and share what they create within a supportive group.

These currently include, Arts & Crafts, Creative Writing, Photography and Allotment group.

“Over the past year I have been going to the Creative Writing social and I have built a collection of poetry and short stories. I always find the social inspires me and it is a great opportunity to share and get feedback. There is no pressure and it helps me to believe in myself more.”

Member of Creative Writing group

“I enjoy hosting the online Arts and Crafts social. It was set up at beginning of the first lockdown in the UK, and it has continued to today. It helps me because it is a chilled out and friendly atmosphere, and gives me more incentive to do new crafts as well as making new friends.”

Volunteer of Arts & Crafts Group

“I have just started to go to this social, and it is very well led. I find it helpful with coping with hearing voices because I am learning to let negative thoughts pass by.”

Member of Mindfulness Group, Your Content Goes Here