Reduce stress and live more in the present.

This will be a chance to explore together through short, guided meditation and discussion on how to reduce stress by living more in the present.

Some of the techniques which are covered are breathing exercises, sensory exercrises and mindful movement.

We have been running this Social on Zoom and face-to-face. For details and times, please see our monthly calendar, which is free to download on our homepage.

If you would like to come along, please contact us.

“I found the Mindfulness sessions last year really good. Everyone was respectful to each other and the lady who ran it was really nice and made me feel comfortable. I felt a lot more at ease and by the end of it my thoughts quietened and was a lot calmer.”

“The session was very well thought through/ prepared and well run. The Lady used interesting visual aids and we shared our thoughts on the subject which was very informative. We also had a mindfulness session, which was very relaxing.”