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Make, Do and Mend was founded in 2010 in Cambridge by a small group of people with personal and familial experience of mental ill-health. We wanted to break down the social isolation and stigma that many people experience when they are unwell and we wanted people to be able to take an active part in their community in order to increase their self-esteem, confidence and well-being.

We are an organisation run by and for its members and our aim is to provide a safe space for people who experience mental health distress to meet, socialise and learn new skills. We do this through providing a range of free strengths-based workshops and events which are inspired by our members and run by volunteers. We adapt and add new workshops as our numbers grow or the needs of our community change.

We produce a monthly calendar available on our homepage which details what is happening and when. This includes workshops at Castle Street Methodist Church, The Whitehill Allotments and other local events.

‘’Before Make, Do and Mend, I was just stuck at home doing nothing except watching TV. MDAM has allowed me an opportunity to socialise, increased my confidence and given me somewhere to go and learn new skills. MDAM got me out into the open and encouraged me to engage with other human beings! It gave me structure in my day and a way to meet people. It has given me confidence to walk out the front door and a new reason to get up in the morning.’’

“Working helped me gain my confidence to build on skills I love doing.”

Make Do and Mend

As someone who has experienced mental health problems it is great to be working for an organisation that provides support to people with mental health problems.”

Make Do and Mend

“Make, Do and Mend has enabled me to work around my physical and emotional difficulties. Working here teaches me to focus and structure my day, which was difficult when I spent all of my time alone and inside.”

Make Do and Mend

“Make, Do and Mend has been the only employer so far that provides a working environment where I can truly be myself and am accepted for whatever mental state or challenges I am facing. It is great to be surrounded by people that you can relate to and to feel no judgement or pressure to perform; this has helped me tremendously”

Make Do and Mend

“The best thing about working for Make, Do and Mend is not having to hide my illness and being open about it means I can help and support others, which builds my self-confidence.”

Make Do and Mend

“I love seeing people develop their skills and confidence. It’s not easy living with a mental illness, but being part of an understanding and supportive community helps enormously.”

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